The past few months have been some of the most challenging times in the world of events. We’ve seen a huge number of cancellations and postponements, putting a pause on companies and organisations being able to deliver conferences, awards events and team building. But we’ve also experienced how many organisations are embracing and adapting to still produce events online in a matter of weeks.

The immediate reaction has been to turn a live event into a virtual one. A lot of companies are overdoing this at the moment with webinar overload, and live events can’t simply be replaced with off the shelf packages such as Zoom or MS Teams. While this technology is a fantastic enabler to connect with clients / customers / employees, it shouldn’t be confused with the experience itself. All too often the focus is the novelty the technology enables, rather than the real value it helps deliver.

ND Events is providing organisations with new platforms to deliver more interactive and professional virtual experiences that are more in line with how events were delivered. This ensures that online audiences are more engaged with speakers and facilitators but also the set up for the event is of the same level of professionalism that it would be if it was live in a venue.

We can provide our clients with a live web streaming/recording studio that allows speakers and panellists to present to your audience in a professional setting. The studio space fully adheres to social distancing rules and can be set up in any format that most suits your event. The studio has the look and feel of a TV studio with black draped walls, full lighting displays, multiple cameras and opportunities for company branding on LED screens or frosted panel light boxes. ND Events will take care of all management of your live event including multiple camera angles, microphones, lighting, interaction with your live audience with Q&A, polls, chat facility etc. We can also facilitate breakout rooms / sessions so participants. Most importantly, your event will be broadcast in live HD and can be embedded into your website, social media sites or be viewed via private/passworded link.

This is the time for organisations to be engaged with their clients / customers / employees and ND Events can help deliver this.

For more information on what ND Events can do for you, please contact Neil Dalzell –